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    2. Introduction to our company

      Kyosei is the only parts manufacturer in Southeast Asia who is dedicated to the metallic foil photo-etching process.
      The company provides high-precision products through high-end technology accumulated over the years due to advancements in the fields of cutting-edge electronics and production technology, which has been being managed in a highly sophisticated fashion.

      The company entered the Kingdom of Thailand in 2002 and advanced along side the economic progress of the country.

      The company has engaged sales and production activities in the countries of Thailand and Japan, and established a system which allows a flexible response to various requirements regarding local procurements, including export within ASEAN territories and countries outside Thailand. Centered on the production of etching products used in precision equipment in various areas of electronics related fields, electrics, electronics and optics, it is possible to conduct surface treatment, painting, heat treatment, etc. as a secondary process.

      With a global production system based in Thailand and Japan, the company delivers high precision and high quality etching parts in a timely fashion.

      Strengths of our company

      Manufactures and delivers thin and ultra precise metal parts by Japanese quality in a timely fashion.
      Maintains a large capacity mass production system.
      Possible to respond to sales and production in Thailand and Japan.
      Supports export projects within, or outside, ASEAN territories as well as local procurement.
      In-house consistent production of secondary processed goods for painting, plating, surface treatment, etc.

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